“The Pickle Guy”

Pickle juice soaked up in a bun is still pickles!

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After work we went out to eat at Liberty Diner and found out Marv is known there as “The Pickle Guy” due to his aversion (I prefer the term “phobia” instead of aversion).

It used to be if we went through a drive-thru and they put pickles on his sandwich in error, he would fling them out the window, but there was that one time they were coated in ketchup and ended up on the back window and he had to smell them the entire trip.  He also admitted to flinging them on the wall on the past during them into “wall walkers” where they would tumble down a little at a time, but nowadays, he just sends the item/plate back, because if there is a pickle on the plate, the pickle juice might have contaminated

He also admitted to flinging them on the wall on…

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